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Oral Surgery


 Is a branch within Stomatology and Dental Medicine which solves patients’ situations that only have a

surgical solution. It’s a Specialty dedicated to the prevention, diagnose and treatment of oral

pathologies, lesions and changes on oral and attached tissues.




 Here are included: 



  • Simple and difficult teeth extractions;


  • Impacted and semi impacted teeth (wisdom tooth, impacted canines);


  • Supranumerary teeth extractions;


  • Cysts;


  • Tongue and gingival tumors;


  • Bone regeneration;






    Dental implants



     Is a surgical procedure which places a titanium screw in the upper or lower jaw, and replaces a root

    from a lost or absent tooth. Is the ideal treatment for healthy patients with average bone dimensions

    and is only done after a straight planning study.



     This dental implant will fuction as na artificial root and will be the fixing basis of several different

fixed ou removable prosthesis. These can replace one tooth or more teeth.